My name is Nils Vermeire and I am a Dutch amateur writer, cinematographer and actor. Besides that I love to create games and music. My view is very broad and nice professional people with their dreams make me tick.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2015 I wrote and produced a documentary about the downfall of Dutch football (soccer). Together with my good friend Sander Nap and his production company In&Out media we portrayed Dutch football coach and trainer Ton Jenner and his Football Academy.  We attended a few festivals and were awarded in Los Angeles and Hawaii. It came out of the blue but received quite some positive attention. Being enthusiastic about the whole project I decided to dive into the world of making films and I followed several acting classes with RJB Studio. I also studied the works of Meisner, Stanislavsky and Strasberg. It was during my final course with RJB Studio that I wrote a small scene about what happens if you loose focus on the important things in life. This scene, also known as the bath tub scene, inspired Sander and myself to make a feature film. So I started writing some more and within a week things got out of control and I had over 40 pages of screenplay, The Return. 

The film was shot in fall of 2016 and after almost 1.5 years of editing we showed it for the first time in a theater on a big screen in March of 2018.

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